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La Crosse Technology W88723 Color Alarm Clock with Temperature & Humidity with USB Port, 5.90' L x 1.90' W x 3.50' H, Black
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Product Highlights
  • Multi-color display with 12/24 hour time (manual setting) and Adjustable brightness (4 levels + OFF)
  • Monitors the indoor temperature (°F/°C) and humidity (%RH) with Moon phase icons and Adjustable view Calendar (Weekday or M/D/Y view)
  • 1 AMP USB charging port (charge cable not included)
  • Time alarm with adjustable snooze duration (5-120mins) and programmable AUTO-DIM backlight feature

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Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock for Kids, Heavy Sleepers, Bedroom, Full Screen Light with Sunrise Simulation, Fall Asleep, Dual Alarms, FM Radio, Snooze, 14 Colors, 8 Natural Sounds, Ideal for Gift
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Product Highlights
  • 【Full Screen Wake Up Light】 This sleep aid digital alarm clock is actually designed for everyone, especially for heavy sleepers and children. The sunrise simulation light with 8 natural sounds will gradually turn on from 10% brightness to 100% 30 minutes before the alarm setting time. If you think 30 minutes is too long, you can set the process to 20 minutes or 10 minutes. Wake you up with nature.
  • 【Dual Alarm & Snooze supported】 Considering that you may need to set different alarm clocks for your family members, we have designed two alarm clocks for you. Even more thoughtfully, we have equipped Dual Alarms with Every Day, Weekday, and Weekend options. In addition, the snooze function is specially designed for those who need an extra 9 minutes to start the day.
  • 【14 Color Lights & 20 Brightness Adjustable】 There are 14 color changing lights to choose from, including 7 solid color lights (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple) and 7 mood lights. 4 levels of LED time display brightness (can be completely off) and 20 levels of adjustable lighting brightness.
  • 【FM Radio & 7 Alarm Sounds】It will be an FM radio when you press the "FM Radio" button. Press and hold the "FM Radio" button for 2 seconds and it will start and automatically scan for all stations on frequencies 76.0-108.0 MHz. Also, the clock supports manual tuning. You just need to turn the snooze button to achieve manual tuning. In addition, you can choose 7 alarm sounds to wake you up (bird song, sea wave, stream, beep, wind chime, soft music, piano music). 16 levels of volume adjustable.

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Paladone Playstation White Controller Alarm Clock, Regular, Multicolor
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Product Highlights
  • PS4 alarm: Be on time for your next adventure with an alarm clock designed after the PlayStation 4 DualShock controller. The gaming buttons set the time on the large, easy to read reverse LCD display
  • Bedside decor: Wake up ready to game with an alarm clock that displays the month, day, and time along with alarm settings. Powered by USB (cable included). Measures 16cm (6.2 inches) wide
  • Iconic brand: PlayStation is one of the top gaming brands in the world with its logos, image, controller icons, and name being instantly recognizable to gamers of all ages
  • Fun gifts for fun people: For those looking for cool stuff and all things geek, crazy, and unique, we are proud to create top selling toys, mugs, lights, and presents that make people smile

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SZELAM Digital Alarm Clock,LED and Mirror Clocks Large Display,with Dual USB Charger Ports,12/24H,Auto Dimming,Modern Desk Clock for Bedroom Home Office Decor- Multicolor
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Product Highlights
  • 🕛 2022 NEW LED MIRROR CLOCK : Digital alarm clock has been upgraded to the original monochrome font, with a multi-color combination design, the perfect color matching is fashionable and beautiful, bringing you a different visual experience,very suitable for bedrooms, offices and other interiors venue use.
  • 🕑DUAL USB PORTS & MEMORY BATTERY— Alarm clock comes with a power adapter, and the USB port on the side of the clock charges 2 devices at the same time; when the digital clock is disconnected from the power, the display goes to sleep, and the memory battery can save the time, no need to reset.
  • 🕒AUTO DIMMING & 3-LEVEL BRIGHTNESS - LED clock is equipped with a light sensor and Bright-Medium-Dim 3-level brightness display, which can auto adjust the display brightness according to the ambient brightness, or manually set the brightness,eye protection, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • 🕓6.5 IN LARGE DISPLAY & MIRROR SURFACE — Electronic clock is equipped with a 6.5" HD display and large digital fonts, you can clearly see the time within 30 feet; the moden clock has a unique acrylic mirror finish and can also be used as a vanity mirror .

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SZELAM Digital Clock Large Display, LED Electric Alarm Clocks Mirror Surface for Makeup with Diming Mode, 3 Levels Brightness, Dual USB Ports Modern Decoration for Home Bedroom Decor-White
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Product Highlights
  • DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK MIRROR SURFACE: SZELAM alarm clock combines with makeup mirror, alarm clock and time display function. The HD mirror display can map your beauty, you can also use it as a mirror for your beauty and makeup while watching the time. The specially designed mirror surface is not easy to be stained with ash which can be cleaned with a single rub to restore the original clean appearance. You can put it upright, put it flat or hang it on the wall, just choose the way you like it
  • A QUIET SLEEPING ENVIRONMENT&LUMINOUS FUNCTION: Unlike Mechanical alarm clock that keeps ticking, affecting the quality of your sleep. We SZELAM clock is quiet, allowing you to get rid of the noise of the night and sleep peacefully. The user-friendly designed luminous function allows you to see the time clearly at night and does not need to turn on the lights.When it is 12-hour system, it will not display AM before 12 noon but will display PM after 1 PM
  • 3-LEVEL BRIGHTNESS SETTINGS: Other clock have only one level of brightness, which will be particularly dazzling when the lights are turned off at night, long-term past will cause damage to your eyes. We SZELAM alarm clock adopts highly sensitive photosensitive sensor, which can automatically adjust the display brightness according to the brightness of the environment, or manually set the Bright-Medium-Dim 3-level brightness, better for your eyes and more environmentally friendly
  • MEMORY FUNCTION&Dual USB PORTS:When the external power supply is powered off, the hold time and various settings are unchanged. The time after the external power supply is cut off is not displayed, so as to avoid repeating the settings next time. Dual USB ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time, say goodbye to the embarrassing situation of lack of electricity while playing phone in the bed

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Sunrise Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light Dawn Simulator, Bedside Sun Lamp Multi Color Night Light with USB Charger, Sleep Aid, Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers Adults, Gift for Kids Teenage Boys Girls
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Product Highlights
  • 【Gentle Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation】Instead of being jolted from sleep by a startling alarm, this rising sun shaped sunrise alarm clock gradually simulates the sunrise to wake you gradually with a natural and pleasant brightness over 5-60 minutes before your alarm time. The wake up light also offers a choice of 6 alarm sounds, as well as touch control to adjust lighting and snooze function. With APUZOM light alarm clock, you'll have no trouble starting your day off right
  • 【Sleep Aid with 10 Soothing Sounds】Personalize your sleeping routine by adjusting the light mode and intensity, as well as soothing sounds(winds, rainfall, light music, waterflow, lullabies), gently helping you to wind down before falling asleep. A large easy-to-read digital display can be dimmable or turn off completely so the sunlight alarm clock doesn’t light up your bedroom when you are trying to sleep, and show either a 12 or 24-hour clock, as well as what day of the week it is
  • 【Touch Control Multicolor Night Light】Illuminate your space with a touch of soft and warm glow with the wake up light sunrise alarm clock. The color-select function allows you to automatically cycle through seven different light colors or choose your favorite from white, red, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple LED colors to fit any decor, occasion or mood with just the click of a button. Five brightness are available to customize the light to meet your needs
  • 【ALL in One Multifunctional Sunrise Lamp】The APUZOM combines all features you want - sun alarm clock, night light, sound machine, digital calendar, room temperature and sleep timer into one, which means you needn't any extra clutter; Compact and versatile, this light alarm clock sunrise is useful in a wide variety of situations; Designed in semicircular shape, this light up alarm clock is set on a wood base for an appealing look, great for illuminating any room and organizing your area

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Sxe Digital Alarm Clock with 2 USB Fast-Charging Ports, 6.50in. x 4.20in. x 3.90in, Multicolor
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Product Highlights
  • Large, 1. 4" Blue Display
  • Adjustable Display Brightness
  • 1a & 2a Charging Ports
  • Dual Alarm With Snooze

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Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charger,Radio Alarm Clocks for bedrooms with LED Large Display,Natural Light Alarm Clock for Kids, with Natural Sound for Teens, Seniors
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Product Highlights
  • ✔️ WAKE UP HAPPY: Dual alarm allows you to set two different wake-up times to ensure you are never late for work. The alarm buzzer volume is adjustable. Our user friendly snooze function was created for those who needs an extra 9 minutes to prepare yourself for the day ahead, just gently press the big “Snooze” button on top.
  • ✔️RELAX TO SLEEP: Every night when you go to sleep, you will be accompanied by the sunset reflected from the window. The brightness of the lights can be set to gradually dim to go out.You can also choose nature sound or FM radio, They help you drift off to sleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.
  • ✔️FULLY DIMMABLE SCREEN:0%-100% Full Range Brightness Dimmer ,You can adjust the brightness to a comfortable level as needed. It can be adjusted to the brightest during the day for easy reading, also can be extremely dim during the night. We have upgrade the display, you can see it clear without hurting your eyes.
  • ✔️DUAL USB CHARGE PORTS: Not just a night light alarm clock, the dual 5V 1A USB charging ports at the back of this digital alarm clock allow you to charge your iPhone, Android phones, and other smart devices at the same time.

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Sunrise Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light with Sunrise Simulation, Touch Control Bedside Lamp Dimmable Multicolor, Snooze, Sleep Aid, 10 Natural Sounds, LED Digital Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers Adults Kids
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Product Highlights
  • ⏰【Wake up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation】The shape of the AFEXOA digital alarm clock is inspired by the sunrise at sea, and the combination of the semi-circular LED screen and wood grain frame makes it look stylish and modern. It glows 5-60 minutes before your chosen wake-up time. The color and brightness of the sunlight alarm clock will slowly change from red to bright yellow, simulating a natural dawn with the best lights and sounds to help you wake up gradually.
  • ⏰【Freely Customize Your Alarm & Snooze Support】The sunrise alarm clock wake up light provides 6 alarm sounds to choose from, including soft music and natural sounds, etc. The alarm sound up to 110 dB, making it ideal for heavy sleepers. And with three alarm time modes, you can set daily alarm/weekday alarm/weekend alarm for the alarm. In addition, when the alarm goes off, just touch the top of the metal frame to easily snooze and get an extra 9 mins of sleep (unlimited snooze times).
  • ⏰【Sensitive Touch Lamp & 5 Brightness Adjustable】When in light mode, touch the metal frame to easily switch between warm white light, 7 monochrome lights (White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple) and 5 colorful ambient lights. Under the RGB colorful dynamic light, it can realize the visual effect of ambilight and create a romantic and soothing atmosphere. You can choose your favorite light mode as bedside lamp/night light/reading light/mood light with 5 adjustable brightness.
  • ⏰【10 Soothing Sounds & Sleep Timer】The LED kids alarm clock features 10 smooth sounds, like a sound machine, to get your little ones and older kids into deep, restful sleep. With the help of a 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute sleep timer, natural sounds and lights can automatically turn off when the timer expires to aid sleep. And if you feel that the LED screen is too bright and affects sleep, you can easily adjust the brightness with the help of the dimmer on the side of the alarm clock for kids.

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SHARP Digital Alarm Clock - The Color Chameleon Clock with 6 Selectable Color Display & Nightlight Options - Simple Operation - Easy to See Large Jumbo Numbers, Built in Multi-Color Night Light
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Product Highlights
  • SIX SLECTABLE COLORS - EASY TO READ 1.8” ILLUMINATED MULTICOLOR LED DIGITS – Change the colors of the clock/nightlight to match your atheistic, mood, style, or décor! Simply press the “color” button on the front of the keyboard style controls to change the color of the clock face display and the nightlight. Choose from Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, and White – change your mood? Change the color! See the display clearly from across the room or even without glasses in the middle of the night!
  • MULTI-COLOR NIGHT LIGHT BUILT IN! – Need a bedside night light? An extra light in the bathroom or nursery? Kid’s room night light? The Sharp Color Chameleon Alarm Clock comes with a built-in night light which can be activated by a simple switch on the front of the clock. The color of the nightlight displayed will be the same as the same color as your selection for the display color. Find the perfect color fit for you and keep it, or switch it up to match your mood, aesthetic or decor!
  • EXTREMELY SIMPLE TO OPERATE - The clock has been designed with absolute simplicity in mind and is very easy to operate. Perfect for adults, children, teens, seniors and the elderly.
  • KEYBOARD STYLE CONTROLS WITH ALL BUTTONS ON FRONT – No hard-to-reach buttons on the back, or complicated controls – Simple, intuitive buttons on the front panel of the clock make this one of the easiest clocks to operate!

$29.99 $23.49Amazon Prime