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of March 2023
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ART TubeMix Five Channel Mixer with USB and Assignable 12AX7 Tube, Black
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Product Highlights
  • Fully Featured Tube Driven Five Channel Stereo USB Mixer
  • Two Wide Dynamic Range Low Noise Mic Preamp Channels
  • Dedicated High Impedance Instrument Input with Amp Simulator
  • Integrated 12AX7 Tube can be Applied to Either Microphone or Instrument Inputs

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ART MX821S Eight Channel Mic/Line Mixer with Stereo Outputs, MultiColored
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Product Highlights
  • Eight independent input channelsLevel and tone controls on each channelBalanced XLR and 1/4" unbalanced line inputs on each channel48 Volt phantom power on XLR inputs with DIP switch for each channelBalanced TRS 1/4" main output jack with master level controlRCA-type pre-fade output (not affected by master level control)RCA-type Aux buss input jack for channel expansionSolid single high rack mount chassis with built In power supply

$259.99 $209.99Amazon Prime
ART USBMix4 Four Channel Mixer / USB Audio Interface
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Product Highlights
  • High Performance Low Noise Design
  • Switchable +48v Phantom Power (CH1)
  • Assignable USB Record Source
  • Independent Level Controls for Main and Headphone/Monitor Outputs

$109.99Amazon Prime
Art Pro Audio USB Mix 3-Channel Mixer and USB Audio Interface
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Product Highlights
  • USB Mix 3-Channel Mic/Inst/Line Mixer/Computer Interface - USB cable - AC Adapter - Art Pro Audio 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • USB powered, no external power supply needed when used with a computer
  • Balanced XLR or unbalanced 1/4-inch Instrument inputs with switchable impedance
  • Switchable low noise +48V phantom power

$109.99 $89.99Amazon Prime
ART SPLITMix 4 Four Channel Passive Splitter/Mixer
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Product Highlights
  • Four Channel Passive Splitter/Mixer
  • Four Stereo Input Channels
  • Stereo Output
  • Independent stereo level controls are provided on each channel

$65.00Amazon Prime
ART ProMIX Three Channel Microphone Mono Mixer
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Product Highlights
  • Problem:​ You need to add 3 mics to a mixer, which only has one available channel. Solution:​ Insert a ProMIX between the mics and the mixer.
  • Each mic channel on the ProMIX has both phantom power and low-frequency cut selectable via DIP switches plus a level control
  • The balanced XLR line output can be connected to a mic input on the mixer and headphones or a powered monitor can be connected to the Phone/Aux output
  • If AC power is not available, the ProMIX runs on batteries as well

$139.99Amazon Prime
Art Pro Audio MX622 6-Channel Stereo Mixer with EQ/EFX Loop & Balanced Outputs
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Product Highlights

$189.99Amazon Prime
ART MX225 5-Channel Zone Distribution Mixer
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Product Highlights
  • Left and right balanced Source 1 and 2 Inputs, accepts stereo or mono signal sources
  • Source 1 and 2 input channels are internally routed to all five Zone channels
  • 5 Zone channels each feature Source 1 and 2 level controls and left and right balanced output XLRs
  • Stereo/Mono selector on each zone sums left and right into Mono mode when engaged

$209.99Amazon Prime
ART PowerMIX III Three Channel Personal Stereo Mixer
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Product Highlights
  • Problem:​ How do you connect a CD player, a synthesizer and the line output from a bass amp to a tape deck? Solution:​ Use a simple stereo mixer. The PowerMIX III can accept either mono or stereo signals and mixes them down to stereo or identical L/R mono signals.
  • Provides a headphone output with its own level control
  • Plug the AC adapter into the 12V DC input on the PowerMIX III and plug the other end into a 120V AC wall socket
  • Plug your stereo signal sources into the separate L/R Inputs on channels 1 to 3. Mono sources can be plugged into the Left Input on any channel

$129.99Amazon Prime
ART MacroMIX Four Channel Personal Mixer
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Product Highlights
  • Problem: You need to mix a CD and a VCR’s audio output with a synthesizer and the line output of a bass amp and send it all to a PC or cassette deck. Solution: Connect an MacroMIX between your audio sources and the PC or cassette deck. Levels can be mixed and a headphone jack lets you monitor the mix
  • Four input channels, Ch. 1 and 2 have dual L/R RCA inputs, with Ch. 3 you have a choice of one 1/4” or dual L/R RCA inputs and Ch 4 has a 1/4” unbalanced input
  • Four Level controls, one for each channel
  • Dual L/R RCA Output connectors

$79.99Amazon Prime