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12 PCS Dental Abrasive Stainless Steel Strips, Finishing Polishing Metal Strip 4 MM Medium One Side - Sanding Grinding Teeth - Cleaning Tools for Oral Care
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Product Highlights
  • ♥ Features: There are two kinds of particles with different thickness on each polishing strip, which can meet different needs when used, the work efficiency is higher without changing the polishing strip.
  • ♥ Easy to Use: Put the sand-free part of the polishing strip into the tooth gap, align the sand surface with the restoration to be polished, and pull the polishing strip back and forth to achieve the polishing effect.
  • ♥ High Quality: Polishing strips metal is made of stainless and metal, durability and long life. Polyester polishing strips are disposable products, but stainless steel polishing strips can be reused after autoclaving.
  • ♥ Different Application: It is mainly used to correct and polish the restoration surface of all adjacent areas between teeth. It can also be used in the slicing step during orthodontic treatment.

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Dental Orthodontic Stainless Steel Metal Polishing Strips Single Sided Center Gap 6mm 12 strips per Box
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Product Highlights
  • Polishing Metal Strips 6 mm Single Sided.
  • Stainless steel abrasive strips with gaped center.
  • 6 mm wide --- 5 7/8" (150 mm) Long --- 0.10 mm thick.
  • Ideal for trimming and finishing inter-proximal surfaces. Thin and sturdy, yet flexible.

Dental Polishing Strips, 60Pcs/Pack Dental Abrasive Strips Teeth Polishing Finishing Gloss Contouring Tools Kit
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Product Highlights
  • One pack includes four colors for different purposes: Purple--Shaping, Blue--Smoothing, Green--Pre-polishing, Pink--Polishing.
  • The strips can be used for smoothing and polishing the interproximal areas of a variety of dental filling materials.
  • The sand-free area between the abrasives trips enables easy insertion into interproximal joints of the teeth.
  • The abrasive strips are made of superior fiber material with flexible and tear-resistant properties.

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Dental Polishing Strips Polyester 2.5 MM Fine Grit (One Side) 100/Package
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Product Highlights
  • for contouring and finishing of composite restorations
  • one sided (fine/medium grit)
  • coated with aluminum oxide
  • 100 strips per pack

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Dental Polishing Strips, Teeth Abrasive & Finishing Strips 4mm x 6M, Inter-Dental Oral Care Cleaning Tool - Sanding Grinding Whitening Teeth (Blue) - 12 Months Warranty
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Product Highlights
  • Used for finishing and polishing of adjacent surface after resin filling.
  • Cut the appropriate lenth according your requirments.
  • Water proof, good fexibility.
  • Fine type, width: 4mm, length: 6m.

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100 Dental Polishing and Finishing Strips Polyester Single Sided 4 MM FINE Medium Grit
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Product Highlights
  • 100 Polishing trips
  • Polyester material
  • Mono/Single sided (one sided)
  • Fine and Medium grit. Grit aluminum oxide.

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Healifty 2 Box Dental Polishing Strip Teeth Abrasive Finishing Strip Sanding Grinding Deep Teeth Cleaning Tool Dental Care Roll (Rosy Blue)
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Product Highlights
  • The adjacent surface of the teeth can be clearly observed when dental polishing strips are used.
  • The moderate softness of the polishing strips can make them closely fit with the tooth surface, thereby exerting the maximum polishing and dressing effects.
  • Great to remove tiny overhangs to form a healthy and beautiful adjacent shape.
  • Helps to assist in the periodontal scaling treatment and scraping after treatment of the adjacent tooth surface polishing.

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Dental Polishing Strips Stainless Steel 6 MM Med Grit (2 - Sided) 12/box
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Product Highlights
  • 12 strips per pack
  • Double sided
  • Convienient package
  • Medium grit

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faruijie Dental Polishing Strip - Dental File for Teeth Deep Teeth Cleaning Tool Teeth Abrasive Finishing Strip Sanding Grinding Dental Sandpaper 4mm x 6M
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Product Highlights
  • 🦷[Function]: Tooth file is used to clean foreign bodies between teeth and maintain oral health
  • 🦷[Reasonable design]: Dental sandpaper has a certain degree of softness and can fit closely with the pressing surface to maximize polishing effect
  • 🦷[EASY TO USE]: The Tooth sandpaper is overall lightweight and easy to use
  • 🦷[Long-term use]: One order contains a roll of dental strips abrasive, Length:4mm* only need to cut off the required length when using, which can support your long-term use

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Dental Polishing Strip Floss Tape for Teeth Dental Finishing Whitening Strips Teeth Cleaning Tool Dental Filling Tape Tooth File Strip (Blue)
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Product Highlights
  • 1. The material of polishing strip is resin, waterproof, flexible and elastic.
  • 2. The thickness of blue fine sand polishing strip is about 0.0043 inch, and that of red medium sand is about 0.0055 inch
  • 3. The blue polishing strip is fine, the diameter of the abrasive particles is 0.0012 inches, and the length of each box is 19.6 feet.
  • 4. The red polishing strip is medium, the diameter of grinding material particles is 0.0020 inches, and the length of each box is 19.6 feet.

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