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L'il Back Bracer Dog Back Brace for IVDD, Dog Back Pain, Arthritis, Good for Dachshunds, Corgies, Frenchies (Medium)
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Product Highlights
  • The Original Dog Back Brace - Patented Design
  • Breathable Cushioning Neoprene
  • Medical Stays for Support above and below. Rigid yet very flexible
  • Best for Small Dog Breed. 40 lbs max. - Custom L'il Back available for larger breeds

Coodeo Dog Back Brace for Dogs Arthritis, Pet Back Bracer for IVDD, Back Protector Helps Pain Relief, Surgical Recovery and Rehabilitation, Dogs Back Disease Prevention. (Small)
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Product Highlights
  • 1. Professional - It is specially designed for dogs with back problems such as VIDD, arthritis and so on. Our bracer have 8 high-quality and powerful plastic strips to provide strong support for the dog's back, reduce spinal pressure, reduce pain and help recover after surgery.
  • 2. High Quality - When you get our products, you will feel the excellent quality of our products, every detail of the product is strictly controlled. Quality is everything.
  • 3. Comfortable and Breathable - The materials of our products are soft and comfortable. Medical grade materials and perforated materials can breathe. Dogs can also wear them in summer. There are reflective strips on the brace for outdoor activities at night.
  • 4. Convenient - Our brace are easy to put on and off, can be washed by hand and dried naturally. The built-in D-ring is used to connect the leash. When the dog wears this dog back protector, it will not affect the dog to go to the bathroom.

LufeLux Back Brace for Dogs with IVDD, Arthritis, Back Pain, Surgical Recovery and Rehabilitation, Dachshund Back Pain Relief, IVDD Harness (Small)
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Product Highlights
  • 【Functionality】It's the prefect back brace for dogs with IVDD, Arthritis, Back Pain, Surgical Recovery Rehabilitation,and Luxating Patella, As an adjunctive treatment for dogs with IVDD.It's the best choice if your dog suffers from IVDD or other spine problems.
  • 【Supportive】The built-in Medical splint gives a rigid structure to the brace. The supports run the length of your dog’s body and stabilize the spine while preventing twisting or turning. And with hind leg pull-up straps to support weak hip and sacral
  • 【High-Quality Materials】Made of durable, breathable medical grade fabric that’s comfortable for your pup and stands up to regular use over time.
  • 【Adjustable】This back brace comes in three adjustable sizes to better fit, each with 8 adjustable points for stable, balanced pressure and fit, also the brace has a unisex design and it will not interface with dog doing his business.

IN HAND Dog Rear Leg Hock Brace, Pair of Canine Dog Leg Joint Wraps Compression Brace Protects Wounds, Heals and Prevents Injuries and Sprains Helps with Loss of Stability Caused by Arthritis
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Product Highlights
  • USEFUL FOR DOGS HEAL: The professional dog rear leg hock brace can prevent licking wounds, relieve your dog's joint pain and effectively protect wounds. It is ideal for both injury prevention and recovery.
  • STRONG SUPPORT & SAFE: There are two metal spring strips in our hock brace that they provide more strong support for your dog. In addition, the four attached Velcro strips are more solid, stable and it will not slide down or drop.
  • STRONG STABILITY: Dog Leg Joint Wraps helps with loss of stability caused by Arthritis, provide support and stabilization during the injury. It makes sure the dog's body balance and stability so that the dog doesn't get into any more injuries of joints.
  • COMFORTABLE & SOFT CARE: The dog leg hock braces is a neoprene compression brace which provides stability and support to the rear hock joint without compromising flexibility. Shockproof, flexible and soft.

Ortocanis™ Original Knee Brace for Dogs with ACL, Knee Cap Dislocation, Arthritis - Keeps The Joint Warm - Extra Support - Reduces Pain and Inflammation - Size XL - Right Leg
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Product Highlights
  • 360º SUPPORT: the light compression guarantees stability and improves balance among the muscle groups for a full support and avoids injuries from turning into more serious conditions. Look at our VIDEO and measure based on our instructions to select the correct size. You can find the size chart in the images.
  • PAIN RELIEF: reduces pain caused by cruciate ligament injuries, osteoarthritis and kneecap problems by increasing the joint's temperature helping to reduce the inflammation.
  • FAST RECOVERY: optimal joint temperature increases blood circulation, improves Oxygene delivery, increases performance for a faster recovery.
  • VETERINARIAN PREMIUM QUALITY: our knee brace is designed and manufactured to provide superior support and comfort without compromising the dog's mobility. The High Performance Neoprene offers enhanced elasticity for a better adaptation to the dog leg. Some dogs have a fallen hip and the upper belt may slide back and fall off. Check the [Ortocanis knee brace fastening belt pack] to know if your dog might need it.

Powerful Dog Canine Rear Leg Hock Joint Brace with Metal Spring Strips, Strengthen Support Dog Back Leg Compression Wrap, Help Dogs with Injuries, Sprains, Arthritis, Rheumatism Walk Normally (Large)
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Product Highlights
  • POWERFUL SUPPORT - There are two metal spring strips in our brace, which can give your dog the strong support you really want. It will help dogs with sprains, injuries, arthritis or rheumatism walk normally.
  • HIGH QUALITY - When you get the brace, you will feel its quality. our brace is made of soft materials and your dog feels comfortable. This brace is common to the left and right rear leg.
  • VET RECOMMENDED - This Professional hock wrap can prevent licking wounds, effectively protect and heal wounds, relieve the pain of dogs. Recommended by veterinarian.
  • DESIGN BY HEART - We took all the details into consideration, effectively prevent it from sliding down and bruising your dog's skin, easy to wear, easy to clean.When the dog is resting, please take off the hock brace to keep the blood flowing.

NeoAlly® - Rear Leg Hock Brace with Metal Spring Strips, Dog Leg Brace for Rear Leg, Hock & Ankle Support, Rear Dog Leg Brace for Large Dogs, Long Version, Medium, 1 Pair
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Product Highlights
  • Hock Braces for Larger Breeds - This is the hock braces, NOT for dog's KNEE. The size runs large. Please follow the video and size chart to choose the correct size. Combine with NeoAlly Organic Hip and Joint Supplement to achieve the best effect.
  • Provides Full Mobility Assistance for Larger Breeds - Give your large, long-legged dogs the right hock brace to keep them mobile while healing. With the metal spring strips and smart angle design, our dog brace provides support, stabilization, and wound and injury protection.
  • Supports and Stabilizes Rear Legs - Put this dog leg brace on during and after recovery. Easily remove or insert the metal spring strips that work as splints to efficiently support the rear leg, maintain body balance, ease soreness, and provide continual support after regaining mobility.
  • Attaches Safely & Securely - With the perfect angle design, this rear leg brace fits the curve of the hock joint. It’s custom-built with 4 reflective straps for a snug fit. Our leg brace for dogs stays in place while keeping your pets visible in the dark.

Pet Lovers Stuff Dog Rear Leg Braces - Pair of Hock Braces with Extra Support for Back Legs - Ideal for Dogs with Arthritis in Joints, Strains or Sprains, Wound Healing, Loss of Stability(M)
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Product Highlights
  • SIZING: It is very important that you as a responsible owner of your pet, take the proper measurements to avoid problems for your pooch. Otherwise this product won’t be as effective as you expect. Our pictures suggest several type of breeds for this size but as humans, every single dog is different therefore it is very IMPORTANT you measure the hock area.
  • IMPROVE THE PAIN CAUSED BY ARTHRITIS IN JOINTS: None of us want our dogs to suffer but unfortunately Arthritis is a disease that is suffered by 90% of Dogs in USA alone. Our Compression Wraps increases the blood pressure in the hind legs, thus raising the temperature and reducing the pain caused by Arthritis.
  • DON'T COMPROMISE YOUR DOG'S KIDNEYS OR LIVER: Certain medications can cause problems in your k9’s kidneys, just like humans. Our adjustable dog braces offer stability and support which helps decrease pain and inflammation and that of course, can reduce the need of taking more medication.
  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED: The Dog Hock Wraps have been designed to comfortably fit a dog's hock area so it can help relieve soreness in muscles, joints, and tendons. The neoprene wrap also supports the joint allowing your fur baby to move easily and without strain on the joint.

5-in-1 Dog Support Harness - Full Body Lift Harness Support Sling Padded Vest Back Brace - Great for Pet Mobility, Hip & Joints, Back Support, Anxiety by Neoally (Small)
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Product Highlights
  • FULL BODY SUPPORT: The innovative design of this dog lift harness secures to your dog's entire torso for easy and safe lift support he needs for front legs support, back legs support or full-body lift, giving you peace of mind in helping your dog climb up or down stairs, get on or off car, or simply assist in walking.
  • NO-HARM LIFT HARNESS: Unlike other lift harnesses that attach to front or rear legs and make direct contact to the already injured joints, Neoally vest harness has the force-bearing points equally distributed across chest and belly, making no impact to legs, hips, neck or shoulders and thus no pulling, slipping, tugging or choking to your dog.
  • DOG SUPPORT SLING: Neoally support harness provides mobility aids for elderly dogs with weak legs or dogs with orthopedic injuries, shoulder or hip dysplasia, hygromas, arthritis, IVDD / TPLO / ACL / CCL surgery rehabilitation or other debilitating ailments.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Besides the lift support and sling, this full vest harness comes with a leash clip, you can easily attach a leash for dog walking. The light and breathable padded vest has dual lumbar strips on back to serve as back brace for back pain, and the compression in the fabric makes it a perfect jacket to soothe stress and help in dog anxiety.

Ortocanis Hip and Back Brace, for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia or osteoarthritis - Size L
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Product Highlights
  • For dogs with mild to moderate hip dysplasia
  • Ideal for dogs with arthritis
  • Ortocanis Hip Brace helps to keep the hip joint warm, helping to reduce inflammation and pain and increasing Oxygen circulation and the production of elastin, a protein that improves the elasticity of the joint.
  • Reduces the pain and boosts the muscles activity avoiding atrophy