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L'il Back Bracer Dog Back Brace for IVDD, Dog Back Pain Relief, Arthritis, Dachshunds, Corgis, Made in the USA
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Product Highlights
  • The Original Dog Back Brace - Patented Design - Made in USA
  • Breathable Cushioning Neoprene
  • Medical Stays for Support above and below. Rigid yet very flexible
  • Best for Small Dog Breed. 40 lbs max. - Custom L'il Back available for larger breeds

Coodeo Dog Back Brace for Dogs Arthritis, Pet Back Bracer for IVDD, Back Protector Helps Pain Relief, Surgical Recovery and Rehabilitation, Dogs Back Disease Prevention. (Small)
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Product Highlights
  • 1. Professional - It is specially designed for dogs with back problems such as VIDD, arthritis and so on. Our bracer have 8 high-quality and powerful plastic strips to provide strong support for the dog's back, reduce spinal pressure, reduce pain and help recover after surgery.
  • 2. High Quality - When you get our products, you will feel the excellent quality of our products, every detail of the product is strictly controlled. Quality is everything.
  • 3. Comfortable and Breathable - The materials of our products are soft and comfortable. Medical grade materials and perforated materials can breathe. Dogs can also wear them in summer. There are reflective strips on the brace for outdoor activities at night.
  • 4. Convenient - Our brace are easy to put on and off, can be washed by hand and dried naturally. The built-in D-ring is used to connect the leash. When the dog wears this dog back protector, it will not affect the dog to go to the bathroom.

Noillow Dog Back Brace for Dogs Arthritis, Dog Lift Harness, Support & Recovery Sling, Back Brace IVDD, Back Protector Helps Pain Relief, Surgical Recovery, Dogs Back Disease Prevention-M
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Product Highlights
  • Our products are ideal for elderly dogs with arthritis, joint damage, Back Pain, VIDD, degenerative myelopathy vestibular disease, recovering from surgery. This brace was designed specifically to treat this condition and restore a normal life to a dog who has lost the ability to walk. Ideal for pet support and rehabilitation.
  • Built-in medical splint provides rigid structure for the brace and strong support for the dog's back. The supports run the length of your dog’s body and stabilize the spine while preventing twisting or turning. And with hind leg pull-up straps to support weak hip and sacral, reduce spinal pressure, reduce pain and help recover after surgery.This innovative and science-backed lifting dog harness is highly recommended by veterinarians.
  • High-Quality Materials - Made of durable, breathable medical grade fabric. Medical grade materials and perforated materials ensures your dog gets the best comfort during walks, rehab training and any outdoor activities and can be worn all day long.There are reflective strips on the brace for outdoor activities at night.
  • This dog body support harness is available in 3 different sizes and comes with adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit. each with 8 adjustable points for stable, balanced pressure and fit, also the brace has a unisex design. When the dog wears this dog back protector, it will not affect the dog to go to the bathroom.

Minatee Dog Knee Brace Dog Leg Braces with Metal Hinged Flexible Support and Reflective Seat Belts for Wounds, Heals, Prevents Injuries and Sprains from Arthritis (Large)
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Product Highlights
  • Protecting Your Dog's Joints: most dogs have little fat and muscle in their joints, lying on the ground or side sleeper for a long time can hurt their joints, this dog leg brace will play an effective role in protecting their joints and make your dogs healthier
  • Reliable Quality: the rear leg brace for dogs is made of quality SBR material, soft and elastic, strong and anti tear, skin friendly and comfortable, with good shockproof and heat insulation effect, very suitable for dog hind arthritis recovery
  • Size information: L detailed size: thigh circumference 36-39cm, joint circumference 22-25cm, foot circumference 16-19cm, leg height 30cm. You can also refer to the detailed size shown in the picture. Please measure your dog leg size before purchasing
  • Adjustable and Reflective Design: the acl brace for dogs rear leg is designed with built in metal hinged springs for stable and flexible support for pets, good for injury and sprain protection, wound recovery and reducing arthritis pains; The reflective strips allow your pet dogs to be seen even at night, keeping your pet dogs safe at dark environment

Ortocanis™ Original Knee Brace for Dogs with ACL, Knee Cap Dislocation, Arthritis - Keeps The Joint Warm - Extra Support - Reduces Pain and Inflammation - Size XL - Right Leg
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Product Highlights
  • 360º SUPPORT: the light compression guarantees stability and improves balance among the muscle groups for a full support and avoids injuries from turning into more serious conditions. Look at our VIDEO and measure based on our instructions to select the correct size. You can find the size chart in the images.
  • PAIN RELIEF: reduces pain caused by cruciate ligament injuries, osteoarthritis and kneecap problems by increasing the joint's temperature helping to reduce the inflammation.
  • FAST RECOVERY: optimal joint temperature increases blood circulation, improves Oxygene delivery, increases performance for a faster recovery.
  • VETERINARIAN PREMIUM QUALITY: our knee brace is designed and manufactured to provide superior support and comfort without compromising the dog's mobility. The High Performance Neoprene offers enhanced elasticity for a better adaptation to the dog leg. Some dogs have a fallen hip and the upper belt may slide back and fall off. Check the [Ortocanis knee brace fastening belt pack] to know if your dog might need it.

vertebraVe Dog Back Brace | Helps Dogs with Arthritis, Back Pain, Post Surgical Recovery and Rehabilitation | Medical Grade Memory Foam
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Product Highlights
  • SAFELY GIVES PETS AND PET PARENTS THE BACK SUPPORT THEY NEED - Help give your best friend all the comfort they need. The Walkin’ vertebraVe is the best back support system for pets. Designed for pets with back pain or recovering from surgery, It helps in their recuperation, keeps them active and helps their parents give them all the support they need.
  • EASILY AND GENTLY SUPPORT YOUR PET - Having a dog with arthritis or back pain can be challenging for both pet and pet parents. This three-piece dog support harness is designed to support the spine and surrounding muscles while still allowing your pet to run, sit and go to the bathroom
  • KEEPS YOUR PET COMFORTABLE AND MOBILE - Designed to stabilize the spine and alleviate pressure, the vertebraVe back support dog harness combines support and comfort for dogs with back injuries. It’s made of medical-grade materials that conform to your pet's back for a custom-molded fit. Breathable, stretch mesh panels allow for all-day wear and the brace also has a D-Ring for easy leash attachment.
  • GREAT FOR POST-OP RECOVERY - The vertebraVe Dog Back Brace is a safe and cost-effective way to help your pet bounce back from surgery. It’s patented two-tier support system features three strategically placed metal support spines to give maximum support. The spinal supports can be removed to adjust the level of support as your pet heals giving your pet a custom fit without the high cost of a custom orthotic.

Dog Back Brace for Dogs, Hip Brace Support for Pet, Back Brace for Dogs with IVDD, Surgery Recovery and Rehabilitation, Dog Back Disease Rrevention(S)
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Product Highlights
  • 《The origin of the product》dog in reality, due to a variety of irresistible factors can lead to arthritis, joint pain, patellar dislocation, IVDD or other spinal problems, resulting in dogs can not exercise normally, affecting the normal rhythm of life of pets, this pet back brace can give dogs back support, reduce pain and help post-operative recovery.
  • 《Product features》 product back contains splint bracket, can better play a supporting role, the abdomen with plastic bayonet design, easy to adjust the size, can better match your pet, the perfect pet wrapped.
  • 《Material selection》 made of durable, breathable polyester fabric, the bracket contains part of the reflective strip (conducive to outdoor activities at night), the back contains three stainless steel D-rings (convenient for the owner traction)
  • 《About Nursing》products can be hand-washed and machine wash, wash and dry can be used again, we strictly control every detail, Pursue the spirit of craftsman

NeoAlly Dog Braces for Hind Legs Canine Rear Hock Support with Safety Reflective Straps for Hind Leg Wounds Heal and Injuries and Sprains from Arthritis, Short Version (Pair)
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Product Highlights
  • HOCK BRACE for SMALL BREEDS - This is the short version for smaller breeds and dogs with shorter legs. This brace is designed to support Dog's Hock (the lower joint), NOT for dog's KNEE (the upper joint). It does provide support to the entire leg, and thus indirectly benefits dogs with knee issues, such as torn ACL or CCL
  • PROPER SIZE is THE KEY - It is very critical to choose the correct size for your dog. Please follow the video and size chart on how to measure and choose the correct size. Combine with NeoAlly Organic Hip and Joint Supplement to achieve the best effect.
  • SECURE & SAFE - Each NeoAlly Dog Brace comes with 2 Reflective Velcro Straps that secure the brace around ankle without moving or sliding down, and more importantly provide visibility and safety in the dark
  • OPTIMAL SUPPORT - This dog brace is made of 4mm premium quality neoprene and nylon lining, which is soft and durable, does not rub, pinch or hurt skin, and is suitable for longer wear and repeated uses

Dog Back Brace for Dogs Arthritis, Dogs Back Disease Prevention, Pet Back Bracer, Surgical Recovery and Rehabilitation Back Protector Helps Pain Relief (Large)
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Product Highlights
  • Why we sell dog back braces: Just like humans, any canine breed can develop back problems. Some of the conditions affecting the dog’s backs include IVDD, slipped discs spinal arthritis, spondylitis, spinal trauma, pulled muscles, and strains and sprains. Some of the symptoms of dog back pain include stiffness, changes in posture, reduced mobility, weakness of the legs, taking too long to stand up, mood and behavior changes, holding the head low, change in gait or limping. The VEVASTAR dog back brace to support the dogs back has been proven to relieve these symptoms of dog back pain
  • How the product works: The VEVASTAR dog back brace is designed to provide support to the entire length of your pets back. It has memory foam layers that go along your dog’s back to provide complete support to the entire length of the dogs back. It also contains at the back that provide support and stability to the spine
  • Benefits: It helps in safe control of the back movements, offers support and stability to the spine and the surrounding muscles, protects the pets back, relieves pressure from back injuries, prevents the injuries on the dogs back from getting worse and reduces the pet’s pain. The VEVASTAR back brace can be used if you are managing your dog’s condition conservatively or post operatively
  • Quality: Our back brace is made with neoprene which offers strong resistance to cuts and is resistance to damages by abrasion, flexing and twisting. It maintains its high quality regardless of the weather and your pet can use it regardless of the weather conditions.

BaoGuai Dog Back Brace for Arthritis, Dog Hip Brace for IVDD, Frame Support Harness for Back,Keeps The Back Stable and Reduces Movements and Pains (XL)
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Product Highlights
  • FITS DOG SIZES - Five sizes to choose from. Please refer to the pictures to measure your dog's back and chest size before choosing to buy. Convince to wear and clean.Also has a metal ring which can be used with a dog leash.
  • BACK SUPPORT TECHNOLOGY-The product is embedded with stabilizer, fit tightly with your dogs back, which can better protect and stabilize the dog's body, and the support frame is strong and tough, and will not affect the normal activities of the dog.
  • STABILIZATION & RECOVERY - Light compression ensures stability and improves balance between muscle groups for full support and prevents injury from becoming a more serious condition. Also improves oxygen delivery, enhancing performance for faster recovery.
  • PAIN RELIEF - Back stabilizers and elastic compression fabric helps reduce inflammation by increasing joint temperature, reducing pain caused by cruciate ligament injuries, osteoarthritis and VIDD problems. Equipped with fluorescent strips for night use.