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CKL Dual Monitor KVM Switch DVI 2 Port, Dual-View PC Monitor Keyboard Mouse Switcher with Audio and USB 2.0HUB Support 1080i 922D
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Product Highlights
  • 【DUAL MONITOR KVM SWITCH DVI 2 POR】 Control up to 2 DVI computers with one set of keyboard, mouse and 2 monitors for extended, mirrored or spliced Display at the same time; Suitable for computers customized with 2 DVI outputs and 2 DVI monitors.
  • 【MULTI PLATFORMS SUPPORT, PLUG AND PLAY】 Cross support major operation systems including Windows, Linux, Mac and more; also support DVI devices like webcam, hard disk player, game console, DVR, NVR etc.
  • 【USER FRIENDLY SWITCHIN MODES】 1. Mouse click switch; 2. Keyboard hot key switch; 3. Push button; 4. Wired remote switch; 5. Auto scan switch with adjustable interval time between 8-999 seconds;
  • 【EXTRA USB 2.0 HUB TO SHARE MORE USB PERIPHERALS】 With extra USB 2. 0 port for sharing USB printers, scanners and Jump drives; support most wireless keyboard and Mouse; support most wired or wireless keyboard and mouse

DVI Switch Splitter Bi-Directional DVI Splitter 2X1 or 1X2, BolAAzuL DVI Switcher 2 in 1 Out DVI Splitter 1 in 2 Out 4K(3840 x 2160)@30Hz DVI Selector Switch Box for PC Laptop Monitor LCD HDTV
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Product Highlights
  • 【DVI Switch 2X1】-With the DVI Bi-directional Switch splitter, you can connect 2 DVI sources to a single display with DVI in and choose any of them to be displayed just by a single press on the switch button or the included Switch cable.
  • 【DVI Display Selector Splitter】- With this unique Bi-directional DVI switch splitter, you can not only choose the video source for your display between 2 DVI video sources. But also, choose the display between 2 connected DVI-enabled Displays for a single DVI source.
  • 【4K Ready】-With a built-in video chip, this DVI 1X2 or 2X1 bi-direction switch can support resolutions up to [email protected], including 2K(2560X1440)@60Hz, 1080P(1920X1200)@120Hz.(Qualified DVI-D dual-link cables are required)
  • 【Dual-way Control】-1) Button switch: Say goodbye to repeated plug and pull; 2) Extension cord touch switch: Meet the needs of the long-distance control switch.

3 2 Port KVM Switch - DVI and VGA w/ Audio and USB 2.0 Hub – Dual Monitor / Display / Screen KVM Switch - DVI VGA (SV231DDVDUA)
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Product Highlights
  • DUAL DISPLAYS: This 2 port KVM switch is the perfect solution for desktops, workstations and servers with both VGA and DVI digital ports, allowing the user to take advantage of dual monitor configurations
  • HIGH RESOLUTION SUPPORT: With support for resolutions up to 1920x1200 this dual display KVM switch produces a crystal-clear picture quality on both screens
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY: For a hassle-free setup, the DVI and VGA KVM switch allows for plug-and-play installation without any additional software or drivers
  • ADDED FEATURES: Designed with versatility in mind, this 2 port KVM switch not only can control two computers simultaneously, it has a built-in USB hub that enables users to connect and share USB peripherals

$225.99 $155.25
2 Port Dual Monitor DVI KVM Switch with Audio, 4K@30Hz, 1200P@60Hz and DVI 1.0 Supported. Dual Monitor KVM Switch with 4 DVI Cables and 2 USB Cables
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Product Highlights

VPFET DVI Switch 2 in 1 Out 4K DVI 2 Port Switcher with IR Remote Control DVI 2x1 Support 4096x2160@30Hz DVI Selector for PC Laptop DVR Projector HDTV DVI Port Devices Support HDCP
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Product Highlights
  • 【DVI Switch 2 in 1 out】2 ports DVI Switcher, Support 2x DVI inputs, and 1x DVI output, The DVI monitor can display any of the two DVI sources , Both the inputs and output compatible with HDMI. Don't compatible with Dual-Link DVI signals.
  • 【Fast switching design】 Both input and output have EDID storage space. Compared with other DVI devices, our model can realize the switching function within 2 seconds under normal circumstances, and realize faster video switching. (Note: Due to the different response time of the display, the switching time will be different.)
  • 【switching mode】 this DVI switch supports button switching and infrared remote control switching signals.
  • 【High resolution】support DVI signals resolution up to [email protected]'t work for 2560 x 1600 resolution

CKLau 2 Port KVM Switch DVI Dual Monitor Extended Display with Audio, Microphone and USB 2.0 Hub
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Product Highlights
  • 1. Dual Monitor KVM Switch DVI: one set of USB keyboard & mouse, 2 monitors control 2 DVI computers.
  • 2. Compatible Windows 10/7/2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Mac, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Raspbian, Ubuntu, etc.
  • 3. Support 4 switching way: Hotkey switching(Num Lock + Num Lock + 1 / 2 + Enter, or Ctrl + Ctrl + 1 / 2 + Enter, or Scroll Lock+ Scroll Lock+1 / 2 + Enter), mouse switching (click mouse wheel 2 times), manual button switching, wired remote push button switching.
  • 4. Support three display modes: extended display, mirror display and video wall display.

4 Port KVM Switch HDMI Dual Monitor Extended Display, 4K@30Hz 2 USB 2.0 Hub, Wireless Keyboard & Mouse and Hotkey Switch Supported, 4 in 2 Out, Powered by USB
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Product Highlights
  • 【4 PORT KVM SWITCH DUAL MONITOR】This kit help you use one set of keyboard and mouse to control 4 computers and share 2 monitors, you can switch anytime. Please make sure every computer support 2 screen or above display functions. And please make sure each devices have 2 HDMI cables and 1 USB cable connect to the KVM.
  • 【 KVM DUAL MONITOR UHD [email protected]】 Our support the highest 3840*[email protected] resolution, make the image display more exquisite and realistic. Please keep the same resolution in each computers and the fresh rate less than or equal to 60Hz.
  • 【KVM SWITCH 2 USB 2.0 】This kit having 2 USB 2.0 Hub for sharing devices such as Printer, Scanner, U disk and other USB devices between 4 computers. Plug and Play just connect you switcher devices to enjoy, it make you work and life easier and simpler.
  • 【HOTKEY SWITCH】You can choose hotkey switch (Click 2 times "scroll lock" and then click 1/2/3/4, or Click 2 times "Ctrl" and then click 1/2/3/4), and you also can switch the 4 signal sources by the panel buttons, the status light tells you which port is active. Special Note: Hotkey switching is not supported when the keyboard and mouse use the USB 2.0 port and the Corsair keyboard.

CKL HDMI KVM Switch 2 Port Dual Monitor Extended Display, USB KVM Switch HDMI 2 in 2 Out with Audio Microphone Output and USB 2.0 Hub, PC Monitor Keyboard Mouse Switcher 4K@30Hz CKL-922HUA
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Product Highlights
  • 【Dual Monitor KVM Switch HDMI 2 Port】: Consoles control up to 2 computers or laptops with 1 independent set of USB keyboard, mouse and monitor or 2 monitors extended or duplicated display with dual head input. The best KVM Switch to make your work space tidy and efficient, also a premium choice for working from home.
  • 【USB HDMI KVM WITH WIDE COMPATIBILITY】: Cross support multiple operation systems & devices: Fully compatible with Windows 10/7/2000/XP/ and Mac; also support HDMI devices like webcam, hard disk player, game console, DVR, NVR etc.
  • 【HDMI SWITCH BOX WITH CONVENIENT SWITCH MODES】: 1. Hot key switching on keyboards that support all operation system; 2. Switch via Mouse Click (Industry Leading Technology); 3. Toggle selection on front panel; 4. Auto scan switch with adjustable interval (8-999 second). 5. Wired remote switch (one-touch switch)
  • 【DRIVER FREE KVM HDMI SWITCH WITH USB 2.0 HUB】:Plug and play with no driver needed: include all cables and DC 5V power adapter, with extra USB 2.0 port for sharing USB printers, scanners and jump drives, wireless and gaming keyboard mouse. Note, please use USB 2.0 port on computers to connect USB of A cables, USB 3.0 port may not work.

$89.99 $79.99
IOGEAR 2-Port Dual View Dual Link DVI KVMP Switch with Audio, w/Full Set of Cables (GCS1642 TAA Compliant)
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Product Highlights
  • Dual monitor Dual-link DVI support - share 2 DVI monitors with a single keyboard and Mouse between 2 computers
  • Quad View (DCC Mode) - When connecting 2 GCS1642X units together
  • Increase security for your Intranet by separating a PC connected to the Internet and a PC connected to an Intranet
  • Up to Dual-Link Resolution 2560 x 1600 when used with IOGEAR’s G2L7202U

$389.95 $305.78
DVI KVM Switch 2 Port Support Dual Monitor with Cable Kit,Support 4Kx2K@30Hz 1200P 1080P@60Hz,with 2 USB Cables and 4 DVI Cables
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Product Highlights
  • 【ONE SET OF KEYBOARD and MOUSE CONTROL TWO COMPUTERS SHARE DUAL MONITOR】This small & exquisite kit help you control TWO COMPUTERS SHARE TWO MONITORS easily by only one set of USB keyboard & mouse console,switching anytime. It can be widely used in the area of education,meeting training,video surveillance security and protection system etc.
  • 【ULTRA HD 4K VISUAL ENJOYMENT】This small&exquisite kit supporting high resolution max up to [email protected](when using HDMI signal source input, the resolution of HDMI signal output can reach [email protected]), really give a feast for your eyes. Of course,it also support 3D and [email protected] or lower resolution.
  • 【HIGH COMPATIBILITY,MATCH VARIOUS DEVICES】The high compatibility of this small&exquisite kit enable it identify and match various display devices automatically,also capacitate it support many kinds of input devices or signal sources switch,such as PCs, Laptop, PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, etc.
  • 【EASY-TO-USE,SIMPLIFYING YOUR LIFE】This small&exquisite kit is very easy-to-use,plug and play,no driver is needed, saves a lot of trouble.Further more, Professional product technology and strict test procedures be adopted to ensure every kit’s quality,worthy of your confidence.