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of March 2023
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ETUDE Curl Fix Mascara #2 Brown New | A curl fix mascara that keeps fine eyelashes powerfully curled up for 24 hours by ETUDE's own Curl 24H Technology
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Product Highlights
  • Expresses DRAMATICALLY LONG lashes. Feather-light fiber lengthens the eyelashes
  • CURL FIX MASCARA that completes curled up fine eyelashes for 24 hours with its strongly adhering Curl 24HR Technology on drooped eyelashes
  • LIFTED LASHES: The curve of the 'C Curl Brush' makes it easy to grab those hard-to-reach lashes, providing a curl with definition
  • LONG LASTING: Stay put curled up lashes that hold all day

ETUDE Dr. Mascara Fixer For Perfect Lash 01 (Natural Volume Up) NEW 21AD | Long-Lasting Smudge-Proof Mascara Fixer with Care Effect | Eyelash Primer | Korean Makeup
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Product Highlights
  • CURLING FIX: This transparent fixing gel mascara offers perfect curl / volume / waterproof fix in any environment and climate
  • FIXER THAT STAYS PUT: Say “no!” to drooping or smudging and enjoy your lashes during the whole day
  • POWERFUL FIXER: Holds the curl of your lashes and creates a natural look
  • TREATMENT CARE: Infused with Black Food extracts to condition lashes

ETUDE Lash Perm Volume Fix Mascara #Black (21AD) | Volume & Curling Mascara that Lasts for Long Hours and Makes them Voluminous
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Product Highlights
  • VOLUMINOUS LASHES: Fine fibers and volume powder help you achieve full and voluminous lashes. The dense brush coats and adds volume to each and every lash, providing a voluminous bold eyelash look
  • CURLED UP 24 HOURS: Your lashes stay curled all day long. Volume powder in-between lashes adds volume without clumping and the curl fix film former with strong flexibility lifts your lashes. Moreover, the light wright oil base quickly volatilizes to maintain the lashes stay put for a long time
  • SUPER STRONG WATERPROOF FORMULA: This waterproof mascara withstands water while staying put
  • STRONG BUT EASILY REMOVABLE: The formula is strong against water but easy to cleanse with cleanser. It is strongly water proof but at the same time the dual film formula easily washes off with cleansing products, which makes the best of both waterproof and easy cleansing!

Etude House Mascara Remover 80ml
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Product Highlights

ETUDE My Lash Serum 0.3fl.oz(9g) 18AD | Discontinued
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Product Highlights
  • Discontinued

ETUDE HOUSE Oh M'Eye Lash Black Tint Mascara - Clear black mascara for powerful curl-fixed eyelashes - Kbeauty
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Product Highlights
  • CLEAR BLACK MASCARA for powerful curl-fixed eyelashes
  • PERFECT TO GET THE “NO MAKEUP” MAKEUP LOOK. The tight black gel texture gives a black shine to your eyelashes, making them look like they have “no makeup” for a natural but beautiful look
  • ONE DAY CURL-FIXED EYELASHES: Special fine-coated strong curl system adheres to eyebrows tightly, fixing the eye lashes’ curl for a long time. NO smearing! NO smudge!
  • MASCARA BOOST-UP: Apply mascara once for a volume boost up, apply once more to fix it and ensure its waterproof capability

ETUDE Dr. Mascara Fixer Perfect Lash-Red
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Product Highlights

Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask Sheet 30pcs Lot Facial Skincare Original Korean Mask Sheet
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Product Highlights
  • Hydrate and nourish your skin everyday
  • Assorted facial masks
  • Contains natural plant extract
  • great for relaxing

ETUDE HOUSE Color My Brows 4.5g #1 Rich Brown | Eyes Makeup | Eyebrow Mascara, Quickly Fixing Natural Eyebrow Makeup with Care Effect | Kbeauty
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Product Highlights
  • COLOR YOUR EYEBROW: If your new hair does not match with your eyebrows, just color your eyebrows for a natural look
  • SUBTLE BUT SUSTANTIAL EFFECT: Soft Hold Gel type brings life to every strand and quickly fixes its position
  • EASY & QUICK BROW COLORING: Quickly dries to make brow layer and fix color even while re-applying
  • COLOR & CARE: Allantoin, Beeswax, Carnauba wax provide nutrition and moisture on skin and brow

ETUDE Bare Edge Brow Fixer | A brow fixer that creates a natural look and keeps your eyebrows in place | Brow Mascara | Zero Clump & No Bushy Brows
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Product Highlights
  • TAME IT AS YOUR WANT! - It Helps With Creating Natural Eyebrow Shapes By Taming Spare Brows And Fly Away
  • FIX IT AS YOU WANT! - Fixing Polymer Strongly Holds The Brows From The Roots To The End
  • NATURAL BROWN COLOR! - It Volumizes And Defines Brows With Soft And Sheer Brown Color
  • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT! - A Lightweight, Colorless Formula That Delivers Flexible Hold That Lasts