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FastRack One gallon Wide Mouth Jar with Drilled Lid & Twin Bubble Airlock-Set of 2, multicolor (B01AKB4G9E)
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Product Highlights
  • Great for beer and wine
  • Lids are grommeted to accommodate airlock
  • Glass jars are USDA certified food grade glass
  • Please put the black grommet in the lid before screwing the lid onto the glass jar

Jillmo Fermentation Jar, 2 Liter Fermentation Kit with Fermenting Weights and Airlocks, 2 Pack
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Product Highlights
  • Safe Material: Made from LEAD-FREE, clear & thick glass, the glass jar is safe to use, but only sterilizing with warm water, temperature lower than 40℃
  • Great Value: The set includes 2 fermentation jars, 2 fermentation weights, 2 airlocks, silicon grommets & silicon seal, you just need this complete set start fermenting
  • Large Mouth: The fermentation jar with wide mouth & neck, you can easily get your hands inside
  • Airtight: Equipped with SUS304 hinged airtight seal lid, silicon grommet, the jar is airtight and perfect for fermenting sauerkraut, wine, fruit and any other fermented vegetables or foodstuffs you might fancy

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FastRack - One Gal Wide Mouth Jar with Lid and Airlock, Large Glass Jar with Fermentation Lid, 1 Gallon Glass Jar with Lid and Econolock Airlock, One Gallon Jar with Fermentation Airlock, Clear
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Product Highlights
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: With this purchase, you'll receive a 1 gallon glass jar with lid perfect for using as fermentation jar; Our glass jars also come with Econolock airlocks for fermenting (Please put the black grommet in the lid before screwing the lid onto the glass jar)

Ball 4 Fermentation Kits, 32oz, Clear
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Product Highlights

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Jillmo Fermentation Kit, Stainless Steel Fermenting Kit for Wide Mouth Mason Jars (Jars Not Included)
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Product Highlights
  • KIT INCLUDES: 4 BPA free water airlocks; 4 Stainless steel(18/8) Wide mouth Lids with Silicone Rings; 4 Silicone Grommets.Warning--DO NOT sterilizing the plastic airlocks with boiling water but warm water
  • FITS WIDE MOUTH JAR: Fit 3.38 in (86 mm) Outer Diameter Mouth Jars. Fit small 4oz wide mouth jars all the way to large 64oz wide mouth jars
  • Easily using. 14mm hole instead of 13mm, can easily insert airlock in lid without damage the silicon grommet.
  • Extra silicone grommets The set include extra silicone grommets.

$21.99 $16.99
Aosnttol Glass Jar Fermentation Jar, Fermenting Crock with Water Seal Airlock Lid, Fermentation Kit for Wine Brewing, Pickling Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Vegetables, Kombuch Paocai Pickle Jar, Pickle Pot, 2.5L
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Product Highlights
  • The glass jar is made with healthy glass, a perfect choice for storage and fermenting food. Glass bowl lid fermentation jar with water seal to ensure the best environment for fermenting vegetables, no dust or chemicals leach into the food any more.
  • The fermentation jar is with 2.5 Liter capacity giving you enough space for homemade pickles, vegetables, canned peaches, pickled carrots, jams, jellies, tomato sauces, making wine and more.
  • Easy to use. Pour some water around the bowl lid of the glass jarto create an airtight sealing, no outside air will enter the jar to ensure your vegetables are preserved properly. Warm Reminder: You could use chopsticks to get the pickles in and out.
  • Easy for maintenance. Just wash and clean the fermenting jar with your usual kitchen detergent and dry the jar fully, then store it in dry place for next use.

Fermentation Kit-4 Glass Fermentation Weights,4 Fermenting Lids,4 airlocks,4 Silicone Rings,5 Silicone Grommet for Wide Mouth Mason Jar for Sauerkraut,Vegetables and Other Fermented Food
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Product Highlights
  • Fermentation kit Includes - 4 lead free glass weights; 4 BPA free water airlocks; 4 304 stainless steel wide mouth lids with silicone gaskets; 5 silicone stoppers (Jars Not Included). They fit all wide mouth mason jars.
  • 4 Glass Fermentation Weights Food Grade Materials & Heavy Enough - Samshow food-safe glass is lead free and non-porous so it never absorbs food odors, flavors or colors. Weight approximately 6.7 ounces/each (190 g), large and heavy enough to keep vegetables submerged below brine for best results of fermentation.
  • 4 Pickle 304 Stainless Steel Fermenting Lids - The lids are one piece stainless steel and won't rust. The lids have a silicone ring/seal underneath to make things airtight, the airlocks and gaskets are just right for fermenting anything!
  • Innovative Silicone Stopper Design - No need to replace the lid, once fermentation was complete, just remove the airlock and seal the hole with the silicone stopper to save.

Glass Fermentation Crock Large Traditional Chinese Glass Fermenting Jar Pickle Jar with Water Seal Airlock Lid (1. 5 Liter 53 Oz)
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Product Highlights
  • 【High- quality Material】The kimchi jar is made of healthy glass, which is the perfect choice for storing and fermenting food. The fermenter with a water- sealed glass bowl lid ensures the best environment for the fermentation of vegetables, and no other magazines infiltrate the food.
  • 【Working Principle】Pour a bottle of water around the bowl to form an airtight seal at the bottom of the cover, allowing the gas generated during the fermentation process to escape, but not allowing outside air to enter the tank. Avoid oxidation and peculiar smell, while maintaining good air circulation.
  • 【Size】The size of the glass fermentation tank is about 22 x 14cm and can hold 53 Oz, providing you with enough space to place it.
  • 【Easy to clean】Just wash and clean the fermentation tank with your usual kitchen cleaner, dry the tank completely, and then store it in a dry place for next use.

$32.31 $28.70
Fermentation Crock Jar 2 Liter - Stoneware Pot for Fermenting or Pickling Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Pickles, Vegetables, Kombucha - 1/2 Gallon Ceramic Fermenter with Weights, Lid and Pounder
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Product Highlights
  • Create your own healthy kimchi, sauerkraut and pickles: A fermentation jar is the natural way to create your own fermented vegetables, including pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi and more. The Kenley Fermentation Crock can hold up to 1.4kg (3.2lb) of vegetables. Preserve fresh vegetables in season and enjoy the flavors year round.
  • Easy to use 1 gallon fermentation crock with lid & weights: This 2L (0.53 gallons) fermentation jar has a burp lid and weighting stones. The lid lets fermentation gases escape while keeping air out, ensuring your vegetables are properly preserved and ready to eat. The weighting stones make it easy to keep all your vegetable matter under the brine.
  • 100% natural materials, high-grade ceramic & food-safe coating: The Kenley Fermentation Crock is made of high-grade ceramic to ensure that the flavors you taste come only from your vegetables. A carefully designed, food-safe coating prevents oxidation and bad tastes sometimes associated with inferior quality crocks.
  • No preservatives or artificial additives: Pickles last for years without any additives. From onions to beans, cabbage to beetroot there are great recipes to suit almost every crop and every palette. No artificial additives or preservatives are required. All you need to preserve your vegetables is a little salt water.

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2 Pieces Fermenting Glass Jar Traditional Fermentation Jar Fermentation Crock with Water Seal Airlock Lid Pickling Jars Pickle Container for Wine Brewing Pickling Kimchi Sauerkraut Pickle Pot, 2.5L
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Product Highlights
  • Kimchi Jar Set: we will provide you with a total of 2 pieces kimchi containers with a size of approx. 9.05 x 6.3 inches and a capacity of 2.5 L/ 84.5 oz; Sufficient quantity and large capacity can easily meet your pickle production needs and bring you convenience
  • Reliable and Sturdy: the pickle container is made of quality glass material with clear surface, sturdy and firm, safe and reliable, reusable and strong, you can use it with confidence, facilitating your daily life
  • Practical Lid Design: this fermenting jar is equipped with an airlock lid that effectively allows fermentation air to get out while avoiding the entry of air and the leakage of pickling odors, ensuring that your food is appropriately stored and available for eating
  • Easy to Store: the pickling jars are suitable for storing vegetables in any season, with good sealing performance, transparent bottle, can store a variety of food, such as kimchi, wine, grains, etc., bring you delicious and convenient at the same time

$54.99 $47.99