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Best Flir Thermal Imagings

of March 2023
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FLIR One Pro LT iOS Pro-Grade Thermal Camera for Smartphones
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Product Highlights
  • FLIR ONE PRO LT: Powerful Infrared camera mobile accessary with adjustable one fit connector lets you find hidden electrical problems, energy loss, water damage, and other heat related issues.
  • THERMAL RESOLUTION & MEASUREMENT: Record 4,800 pixel IR images at a thermal sensitivity of 100 mK and measure temperatures from -20C to 120C (-4F to 248F).
  • VIVIDIR IMAGE PROCESSING: Unique image processing technology that enhances resolution and accuracy, to help you catch potential problems early and reliably diagnose problems. When combined with MSX – which enhances thermal images with visual details – the FLIR ONE Pro LT offers unsurpassed image quality for a mobile IR solution.
  • ONE FIT CONNECTOR: Adjustable connector extends by up to 4 mm, so you can secure your FLIR ONE Pro LT to your mobile device while its still in the protective case.

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FLIR Scout TK Handheld Thermal Imaging Monocular Green, 6.0' x2'x 2' (L × W × H)
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Product Highlights
  • FLIR Scout TK makes outdoor thermal imaging more accessible than ever with the ability to see heat signatures in total darkness.
  • Pocket-sized and designed for single-handed use, FLIR Scout TK has a simple four-button design and intuitive interface.
  • The Scout TK is also a great everyday tool for personal and home security at night.
  • Package Includes: Handheld Thermal Camera,Neck Lanyard, USB Cable, Lens Cap

$649.00 $590.64Amazon Prime
FLIR E4 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera with 80 x 60 IR Resolution and MSX (non-WiFi)
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Product Highlights
  • Crisp Resolution 80x60 (4,800 Pixels); Measurement Modes Include Center Spot, Area Box, Auto Hot or Auto Cold Spots
  • Compact and rugged: The FLIR Ex series cameras low weight of 0.575 killogram and the accessory belt pouch make them easy to bring along at all times. Their rugged design can withstand a 2 m drop test, and ensures reliability, even in harsh environments
  • Image Capture: Captures/stores thermal, visual and MSX images with each pull of the trigger. Radiometric JPEG retain all temperature data within the thermal images
  • Image Modes – “Msx” Adds Key Details from the Onboard Digital Light Camera to the IR Image Adding Detail and Clarity; “Picture in Picture Inches Overlays a Fixed Section of a Thermal Image onto a Digital Photo to Clarify Problem Locations and Enhance

$1,049.00 $975.57Amazon Prime
FLIR Breach PTQ136 Multi-Purpose Thermal Imaging Monocular , Black
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Product Highlights
  • EXCEPTIONAL VISION: The advanced image processing of the internal FLIR Boson thermal core and a bright high definition display create excellent image clarity and provide better detection and classification, day or night
  • CONVENIENT HANDS-FREE OPERATION: For hands-free operation, Breach PTQ136 has multiple mini-rail mounting points designed to allow for a wide variety of head mounts, helmet mounts, and to install additional equipment.
  • SUPERIOR VALUE: Document operations with on-board video recording and image capture. Choose from multiple palettes to perfect viewing during varied situations. Enhance situational awareness with a digital compass/inclinometer
  • INTERNAL MEMORY: Up to 1,000 images and 2.5 hours of video on internal memory

$2,899.00 $2,459.70Amazon Prime
FLIR C5 Thermal Imaging Camera with WiFi - Handheld, High Resolution, and Includes VP50-2 CAT IV Non-Contact Voltage Detector
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Product Highlights
  • RUGGED AND RELIABLE: Durable to withstand a 3 m drop, the FLIR VP50-2 can reliably test for voltage in the latest safety outlets, large industrial electrical systems, and residential low-voltage installations
  • EASY TO USE: Offers an ergonomic design with a low-profile probe tip and anti-roll case that’s easy to grip and operate
  • TROUBLESHOOT QUICKLY: Provides high-end features that make your job more efficient including bright flashlight, tip light, auto power off, and low battery indication
  • AC VOLTAGE RANGE: 90 to 1000 V AC (default, solid green light)

$805.99Amazon Prime
FLIR ONE PRO LT – USB-C Thermal Imaging Camera with MR40 Moisture Pen with Built in Flashlight
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Product Highlights
  • Powerful thermal imaging camera identifies hidden problems with electrical, HVAC, automotive, energy efficiency, or moisture issues, Scene temperature range of Minus 20 Degree Celsius to 120 Degree Celsius ( 4 Degree Fahrenheit to 248 Degree Fahrenheit)
  • Image Capture – Up to 500 Radiometric Images.4800 Pixels Capable of Capturing Thermal Measurements from 14 Degree Fahrenheit to 302 Degree Fahrenheit
  • FLIR one Android sub c models are not currently compatible with snapdragon 835/845 based Android sub c handsets
  • Free FLIR one app with no registration plus numerous third party apps enable multiple ways to use your FLIR one at work or at home

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FLIR Scion OTM130 Thermal Imaging Monocular
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Product Highlights
  • ONBOARD VIDEO AND IMAGE RECORDING: Revisit every wildlife encounter in sharp thermal imaging with internal and microSD expandable memory
  • REDESIGNED USER INTERFACE: Polished menus allow quick thermal palette adjustments and provide easy access to new features such as picture-in-picture zoom, video recording, and GPS functionality.
  • TRUSTED THERMAL DETECTION: The advanced image processing of FLIR’s Boson thermal core and a vivid OLED display offer superb, unwavering vision in challenging environments.
  • SIZE: 227 × 76.8 × 60.5 mm (9 × 3 × 2.4 in)

$1,296.95Amazon Prime
FLIR MR176 - Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter - with IGM (Infrared Guided Measurement), Replaceable Hygrometer, Pin and Pinless
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Product Highlights
  • Item is a Class II laser product, 1mW power output.
  • Customized thermal images: moisture, temperature, relative humidity, dew point, vapor pressure, mixing ratio
  • Equipped with a laser and cross hair to easily reference the exact location of the potential moisture issue seen in the thermal image
  • Field-replaceable temperature/relative humidity sensor

$1,061.95Amazon Prime
FLIR DM166 Thermal Imaging TRMS Multimeter with IGM, Black
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Product Highlights
  • Infrared guided measurements for quick scans for overheating components with an 80 x 60 thermal imager
  • Broad DMM test functions to troubleshoot and diagnose the fault
  • Integrated non‐contact voltage detection
  • 600 V AC/DC voltage measurements, 10 A AC/DC current measurements, resistance up to 60 MΩ, frequency up to 50 kHz, capacitance up to 10 000 μF

$334.99Amazon Prime
FLIR TG56 Spot Thermal Camera
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Product Highlights
  • Item is a Class I laser product, .39mW power output.
  • Measurable range from -30˚C to 650˚C (-22DegreeF to 1202DegreeF)
  • Take non-contact surface temperature measurements with IR (infrared) sensor
  • 30:1 spot ratio to measure smaller targets from a safer distance

$214.99 $193.49Amazon Prime