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Hem Incense -12 box best variety pack 20 sticks each - 240 sticks - 240g - 45+min burn
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Six Most Popular Hem Incense Scents of All Time, 120 Sticks Total, with Free Burner - 20 Sticks Each of Dragon's Blood, Frankincense & Myrrh, Patchouli, Precious Lavender, First Rain, and White Sage
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  • The six best selling HEM incense scents from the last 20 years
  • One 20 stick tube each of Dragon's Blood, Frankincense & Myrrh, Patchouli, Precious Lavender, First Rain, and White Sage.

Blunteffects Incense Sticks - 12 Scents Variety Pack 12 Sticks Each - 11' 144 Total Sticks - 300grams
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  • Made in USA

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Jembrana Incense Sticks - Mix 6 Scents (144 Sticks Total), 24 Sticks Each of Lotus (Padma), Sandalwood, Gardenia, Maha Triloka, Raja Harum & Dewi Sai (Amber), Incense Gift Sets from Bali Soap
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  • 11-inch incense sticks with approx. 45 mins. burning time & long-lasting fragrant scents of tropical flowers, wood, herbs and spices representative of aromas found on the island of the Gods, Bali
  • Naturally and traditionally hand rolled on Bali by the local Balinese people
  • Your perfect companion for relaxation, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, healing and for creating an all-around good karma atmosphere
  • A thoughtful and tasteful Christmas gift idea for families and loved ones

$18.95 $12.95
HEM Lavender Incense Sticks Pack Of 120 | Natural Relaxing | Aromatherapy Incense For Air Purifier, Mind & Spirit & Ritualistic Fragrance | Gift Set - (15 gms each)
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  • Hem Incense is the world's most popular incense stick
  • Each box comes in 6 tubes of 20 sticks each for convenient storage and use
  • Experience an absolutely beautiful fragrance with Hem

$9.40 $5.68
120 Sticks of Stamford Premium Aromatherapy Hex Range Incense Sticks - Relaxing, Stress Relief, Meditation, Refreshing, Sensuality & Energising Incense Gift Pack. by Stamford
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  • Stamford Premium Aromatherapy Hex Range Incense Gift Set 120 Sticks
  • Stamford Incense Sticks are famous for their quality products and the refined nature of the fragrances produced by them. These incense sticks are made using pure essential oils, spices and traditional recipes to create an unrivaled stick.
  • Hand-rolled with natural ingredients, Made from perfumery raw materials only
  • Gift set with 6 Stamford incense stick scents Contains 48 incense sticks approx & Decorative Sheesham Wood Box & Also Free Stamford Shakti Incense Sticks

Hem White Sage 100 Incense Sticks (5 packs of 20 sticks)
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  • Tips: Always store your Incense Sticks in a cool dry place. If they pick up too much moisture they will not burn properly or poor quality incense.
  • 5 Boxes - Each of 20 Grams, Total 100 Grams (about 100 Sticks)
  • Benefits: Incense Sticks are attractive to the senses and are pleasing to the eyes and nose. Generally, Incense Sticks are used to enhance the scent of a room or Office or during Prayers, Religious Ceremony, meditation and yoga practice.
  • Quality Fragrance: Helps reduce the negative and increase the positive aspects of all zodiac signs. The scent of the sticks fills the environment with positive energy to make your living space aromatic and pleasant. Free from harmful chemicals like Benzene and Toluene. Safe for mixing and rolling by plain hands.

$9.00 $5.42
Satya Incense Gift Set Nag Champa, Super hit, Dragon's Blood, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Lavender, Positive Vibes, 15 g
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  • Gift set of 15 grams - 7 scents total
  • Nag champa, super hit, sandalwood, patchouli, dragon's blood, lavender, positive vibes
  • Each package has 15 grams x 7 fragrances = 105 grams (approx. 84 sticks)
  • Fast shipping and easy returns

$10.99 $6.00
Satya Nag Champa Incense Sticks 5 Pack Variety Hand-Rolled Agarbatti All Natural Incense (Cleansing)
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  • 5 PACK ASSORTMENT: Our assorted incense stick set comes in separate packages of 5 different fragrances. Each of these packages weighs 15 grams. Joy pack includes: Nag Champa, White Sage, Palo Santo, Buddha's Bliss, & The Eliminater.
  • AUTHENTIC NAG CHAMPA Hand-rolled in Bangalore, this is the original incense produced by the real Satya Sai Baba manufacturer (BNG).
  • HAND-ROLLED AND NON-TOXIC: Our assorted fragrance sticks are made of natural ingredients like essential oils, resin, and wood. They are hand-rolled with care in India with the traditional process of Agarbatti making. All natural, non-toxic ingredients are used.
  • PERFECT GIFT CHOICE: Our assorted incense set of 5 fragrances is a perfect gift choice for a wide range of occasions. Gift our fragrance set for personal and special occasions like birthdays, housewarming, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Faith Gatherings and more. It can also be gifted to students starting university or people moving to new cities for jobs.

Hem Incense Sticks Variety Pack #23 And Incense Stick Holder Bundle With 6 Most Liked Fragrances
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  • Incense and holder set #23: This is a bundled product that includes 6 most liked Hem incense sticks and incense holder.
  • Incense sticks variety pack includes Frankincense & Myrrh|Patchouli|Precious Lavender|First Rain|White Sage|Dragon's Blood fragrances.
  • Gift Set: Total 6 fragrances. 20 incense sticks of each fragrance. Incense holder is also included.
  • Inciensos aromaticos - Incenses are popular in almost every culture. Traditionally incenses were used for religious and sprituality puposes.