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of August 2022
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Maxell 625335 Lifetime Warranty High-Sensitivity Recording Layer Recordable CD (Audio Only) 700mb/80 min
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Product Highlights
  • With storage for 80 minutes/ 700MB recording time, you can create premium compilations of your favorite tracks to add variety to your listening experience
  • Playback on any CD drive, CD-R audio recorder or CD player and record on computer CD writers or CD-R audio recorders
  • Supports writing speeds up to 32x with premium quality recording surgace for noise-free playback
  • For 1-time recording only, will hold contents of any full-size CD

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MAXELL CD-R 80 Music-Gold (50 PC Spindle) Blank CD-R Disc, (625156)
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Product Highlights

MAXELL CDR XLII 80 Audio Spindle 25
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Product Highlights
  • Compact Disc recordable
  • 50 pack spindle
  • 52x speed

CD Laser Lens Cleaner Disc with Microfiber Brushes and Instructions from Maxell
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Product Highlights

Maxell Safe and Effective Feature CD Player and Game Station Compact Disc Cleaner CD-340 190048 CD/CD-ROM Laser Lens Cleaner - CD Lens Cleaner
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Product Highlights
  • Compact disc deisgned to clean CD players and game stations
  • Safe and effective design features an advanced angle brush
  • Easy to use
  • Not compatible with Blu-Ray players

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Maxell 648200 Premium Quality Recording Surface Noise Free Playback 700Mb CD-Recordable 48x Write Speeds
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Product Highlights
  • Branded CD-R recordable disk compatible with 2x to 48x writers
  • Ideal for storage, data exchange, multimedia projects and jukebox or duplicator applications
  • Offers a maximum write speed of 48x and recording time 80 minutes
  • Premium quality recording surface for noise-free playback

$36.20 $24.60
Maxell CD/DVD Storage Sleeves
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Product Highlights
  • Clear plastic windows allow you to identify your disks easily
  • Optimize your storage space because they are less than half the space of a slim jewel case
  • Protect and store your valuable CDs and DVDs
  • Back flap secures and protects your disk from scratches, dirt and fingerprints

$21.99 $4.98
Maxell DVD R Discs, 4.7Gb, with Jewel Cases, Gold, Pack
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Product Highlights
  • Sold as 5/Pack.
  • High-speed recording.
  • Large capacity.
  • Secure unalterable storage.

$5.59 $2.98
Maxell 700MB 40x CD-R (50 pk Spindle)
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Product Highlights
  • Each disc burns within minutes, allowing you to produce quick backups or music CDs on the go. Premium quality recording surface ensures noise-free playback. Versatile disc is perfect for personal storage, multimedia presentations, Internet downloads, and more. Permanent, write-once format protects important data. Disk Type: CD-R; Capacity (Music): 80 min; Recordable Format: “Write Once” format—may not be altered once data is written to the disc.; Capacity Range (Data): 700 MB.

Maxell - Media 32x Cd-r For Music - 50 Spindle (625156) -
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