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Yes4All Total Body Weighted Workout Bar, Body Bar For Exercise, Therapy, Aerobics, and Yoga, Strength Training 10lbs
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Product Highlights
  • 48-INCH LENGTH HEAVY-DUTY STEEL CORE CONSTRUCTION: Made of solid high-quality steel for added toughness, durability, and stability. Sturdy construction will not bend or break after repeated use
  • DURABLE HIGH-DENSITY PADDED FOAM SURFACE: Constructed of untearable and breathable padded soft foam surface to increase comfort in use and prevent slipping even with sweaty hands
  • COLOR-CODED ANTI-ROLL END CAP: Specially designed with TPR plastic anti-roll end cap to prevent rolling or sliding away from your storage corner. The color-coded cap is different for each size for easy identification
  • LOSE WEIGHT & TONE MUSCLES IN MINUTES: Exercising with Yes4All Weighted Bars help you burn more calories, strengthen arms and legs, increase balance, flexibility and build core stabilization

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Everyday Essentials Total Body Workout Weighted Bar Weighted Workout Bar Weighted Exercise Bar (20)
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Product Highlights
  • SOLID STEEL CORE - Made of solid high-quality steel for added toughness, durability and stability. Sturdy construction will not bend or break after repeated use
  • PADDED FOAM SURFACE - Constructed of high-density and breathable padded foam surface to increase comfort in use and prevent slipping even with sweaty hands
  • COLOR CODED - Color coded cap for easy identification. Specially designed shape to prevent rolling and provide easier storage
  • DIMENSIONS - All bars are 48-inch long, at different diameters (from 1. 2-inch to 1. 8-inch) for different weights

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bintiva Workout Bar - Padded Exercise Weighted Total Body Bar
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Product Highlights
  • The workout bar is crafted from professional grade materials, and is encased in foam for ultimate user safety and comfort
  • The exercise bar features color coded end caps that clearly display the weight of each bar
  • The bar enables the user to add weight to standard exercises such as squats and lunges, making it a great asset to any home gym
  • The bar is recommended by fitness professionals for full body toning and strengthening

LIONSCOOL Foam Padded Strength Training Weight Bar, Solid Steel Workout Weighted Bar, 5-30lbs, for Body Sculpting, Exercise, Physical Therapy, Aerobics in Home and Gym 5+8+12+15LB
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Product Highlights
  • SET OF 4 WEIGHTED BARS 5LBS, 8LBS, 12LBS and 15LBS: 48-inch length heavy-duty construction for added toughness, durability, and stability. Tough construction will not bend or break after repeated use
  • Comfortable Grip and Anti-Roll Design: Constructed of durable and breathable padded soft foam surface to increase comfort in use and prevent slipping even with sweaty hands. PVC end cap serves as a buffer on the ends and prevents rolling
  • Choose from 8 Different Sizes: Ranging from 5LB to 30LB and are color-coded with clear printed weight number for easy and quick identification at a glance. Wide range of weights provide mutiple choices for anyone who want to work out
  • Versatile and Convenient: LIONSCOOL foam padded weighted bar is perfect for squats, deadlifts, bicep curls, and other various muscle-building activities. You can use it as a good substitute for barbells or dumbells

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Fitness Alley 50 LB Weighted Bar Total Workout Bar, Solid Steel Exercise Bar – Stretching Weight Exercise Bar for Physical Therapy, Body Toning, Aerobics, Yoga – Combo - 5 Bars (6,8,10,12 & 14lb)
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Product Highlights
  • The Fitness Alley sculpting workout bars are beneficial for strengthening and toning arms and legs effectively. They help you burn body fat easily, quickly and safely
  • They can be used while doing squats, lunges, deadlifts, bicep curls and dead rows by both males and females
  • The Fitness Alley sculpting workout bars are made out of durable, high quality steel. These bars are rubber coated for stability and a comfortable grip while exercising. Each bar has a 2 inch diameter and 47 inch length
  • These bars are portable and have multiple color shades and weights, all according to user satisfaction and needs

Fitness Republic Weighted Bar Sculpting Workout Bars for Exercise | Body Bar Balance Bar, Strength training bars weighted exercise bar set for Physical Therapy, Body Toning Set (6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb & 14lb)
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Product Highlights
  • 100% RELIABLE AND ENDURING HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Heavy duty construction, fixed barbell are made of solid, high quality material - 47 inches long, highly tough, durable and exceptionally stable. Doesn't break or bend due to repetitive use
  • LOSE WEIGHT AND BURNING CALORIES - Exercising with Fitness Republic weighted bars for exercise - weighted barbell help you burn more calories and toning body shape. Perfect for Physical Therapy, Aerobics, Yoga and Pilates
  • COLOR CODED WITH ROUND END CAP - Different color coded cap for easy identification of weight lifting bar set. Special round shaped heads prevent foam coating from scratches
  • PADDED FOAM SURFACE FOR EASY USE - Our body sculpting bars are constructed of high-quality padded foam surface for comfortable in use and prevent slipping even with sweaty hand

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RitFit 5LB Weighted Workout Bar, Body Exercise Bar for Yoga, Strength Tranining in Home and Gym
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Product Highlights
  • MATERIAL AND CONSTRUCTION- RitFit weighted workout bar is made from high-density paddle foam grip that prevents slipping and rolling. The iron inner core is solid and heavy. It won’t bent after long-term use. The comfortable grip and solid inner core make the exercise easier. The heavy duty end caps is non-slip.
  • COLOR AND SIZE- The body bar has seven different weight and colors: 5lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb. You can choose the suitable weights according to the end cap. The end caps were designed to protect the floor from damaging and resist scuffing over time. The ergonomic 46’’ length gives you a better work experience.
  • VERSATILE WEIGHT BAR- You can do different exercises with our workout bar, such as deadlift, lunge, calf raise, single arm row, shoulder press,chest press bent-over row, overhead press and squat. It can be used in home, office and gym. Easy to keep and use.
  • BODY EXERCISE- The workout bars for exercise can use with different sports equipment, such as bench and bands. Working with RitFit helps you strengthen your core muscle and body. You can improve your balance and flexibility through continuous exercise.

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Philosophy Gym Workout Weighted Bar, 30 LB - Padded Workout Body Toning Aerobic Exercise Bar
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Product Highlights
  • Quality construction: The Philosophy Gym Weighted Bar is crafted with a heavy-duty steel core. They are padded for safety & comfort with a durable, breathable soft foam. The soft foam provides a comfortable, secure, non-slip grip so no matter where you have it positioned. Your workouts won’t get interrupted by an uncomfortable placement even if your palms get sweaty.
  • Functional anti-roll cap: Each weighted bar is designed with anti-roll endcaps to keep your bar in place when not in use. The endcaps are clearly marked with the weight on both ends for easy identification.
  • For every level: This versatile workout bar is an excellent way to add a weighted element to body training. Whether you are just starting on a fitness regime or an experienced fitness athlete, you are always looking to achieve more. This weighted workout bar is an ideal way to gain a deeper level of fitness.
  • Versatile use: Our weighted workout bars can be used during circuit and interval classes, weightlifting, aerobics, yoga, kickboxing and martial arts, or physical therapy. They require no set up, can be easily stored or transported wherever you workout takes you. Add a new level of muscle sculpting to your fitness workouts with this workout bar.

HulkFit Total Body Workout Weighted Bar Weighted Workout Bar Weighted Exercise Bar (30), Black, 30 Pounds
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Product Highlights
  • Purpose - Round out your home gym fitness equipment setup with these Weighted Bars. Great for beginners and experienced workout warriors. We designed our bars with high density, anti slip foam handles that cover a steel core with color coded PVC caps.
  • Usage - Barre, General strength & conditioning, martial arts, physical therapy, pilates, yoga, and more. Types of exercises - Back squat, front squat, lunges, bench press, floor press, bicep curls, shoulder press, Russian twists, and more.
  • Materials - Metal core insert with ergonomic, high density foam grip handles and color coded PVC caps.
  • What’s Inside - (1) 30 lb Weighted Bar

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Synergee Workout Bar Weight Bar Combo Set - 12lb, 15lb Multiple Weights Padded Weighted Bars – Body Toning Exercise Bar, Strength & Condition
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Product Highlights
  • ★ USE ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, BY ANYONE ★ – The Synergee Weighted Workout Bars are astoundingly versatile and will fit every exercise routine. Whether you are new to working out or you’ve been doing it for years, these bars will grant you VIP access to your very best fat-burning, muscle-pumping workouts! Our bars require no set up, transport easily, and storage is simple – just pick them up and put them down over and over again until you feel the BURN, whenever and wherever you are!
  • ★ PADDED FOR SAFETY & COMFORT ★ – Synergee Workout Bars are constructed with durable, breathable padded soft foam to give you the most comfortable grip when you are lifting. Plus, the foam padding helps prevent slipping – even when your palms get sweaty (don’t worry, it happens to everyone!).
  • ★ BRIGHT & FUNCTIONAL ★ – Each bar is fitted with bright, fun, colorful end caps! These caps add a punch of excitement to your workouts, and they make it really easy to identify the weight. Plus, these colors match with the levels of resistance sported by our Power and Mini Bands! Because consistency is key!
  • ★ WHAT’S IN THE PACKAGE ★ – Each weighted bar is 48 inches in length. Bars are color-coded to depict their weight. This pack includes 2 bars: (1) 12 lb Green Bar & (1) 15 lb Blue Bar

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